An international movement

Serving the catholic church

From the start, the Knights of Columbus has provided auxiliary support to the Catholic Church.

The Knights’ attachment to the Holy See and to the figure of the Pope, successor of Peter, guides them to act in the service of the universal Church, sowing the seeds of unity through charitable actions and evangelization. Every year during their annual convention, the Pope reiterates his message of encouragement for their actions to spread the Catholic Church's influence in the world and to protect the dignity of all people.

The organization’s top leader, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, regularly meets with the Holy Father to present the Knights’ activities and discuss the Church’s main projects. The Knights actively participate in major events such as World Youth Day (WYD) and the World Meeting of Families, providing material and organizational support.

An international movement

The Knights of Columbus is a unique Catholic organization with nearly two million members in over fifteen countries.

Knights are especially active and numerous in the United States (founding country), Canada, the Philippines, Mexico and Poland. The support they provide to parishes and the unique spirit of fraternity they offer their members have inspired many bishops and priests to charter Knights of Columbus groups called "councils."

From its inception, the Knights of Columbus has been dedicated to meeting people's basic needs: material support, mutual aid, and spiritual devotion. Active at both the local and international levels, the Order is organized around three main activities:

1 – Leading a brotherhood of men mobilized around 16,000 parishes throughout the world,
2 – Managing a life insurance company (for Canadian and American members); and
3 – Developing charitable and missionary activities.

Spirituality of communion

Any Catholic man 18 years of age or older who wishes to lead a more godly life by following the Church’s teachings may join the Knights of Columbus.

Many members of congregations, families, and religious and spiritual communities have sought to join the Knights of Columbus brotherhood, which is not a spiritual movement or a Catholic action group, but a fraternal organization that supports parishes.

Through the diversity of their members, councils seek to promote a genuine "spirituality of communion," as described by Pope Jean Paul II, by embracing the twofold goal of community service and missionary discipleship.

When Knights from different regions gather, we see the ties that bind us and we are motivated to serve and love Christ in the diversity of our backgrounds and cultures.
The monthly magazine Columbia, with a circulation of nearly 1.4 million copies, is a strong component of this connection. It opens readers’ minds to the concept of “Catholicity” and thus to the universality of the Church of Christ.


La France est une vieille terre au rayonnement missionnaire qui « cuit le pain intellectuel de la chrétienté » selon l’expression du Pape Paul VI.

Educatrice des peuples, fille aînée de l’Eglise, la parole de notre pays est entendue et attendue.

Dans un monde instable et globalisé, il est proposé à la France de s’inscrire durablement au coeur de la fraternité catholique internationale représentée par les Chevaliers de Colomb.