Masculine spirituality

Masculine spirituality

For many years, Catholic men have felt the need to find themselves.

Marches and pilgrimages are opportunities to celebrate and invoke the fatherly figure of St. Joseph, nurturing father of Christ.

Thousands of men and fathers gather at Christian sacred sites such as Cotignac, Mont Saint-Michel, Montligeon and Vézelay for annual pilgrimages in the spring. In March, around the time of St. Joseph’s Day, fathers and priests eagerly gather for massive marches.

Within parishes, men meet regularly with their priests to educate themselves and to discuss the family, professional, political and spiritual issues they face.

The Knights of Columbus is part of this new movement to mobilize Catholic men in France. In establishing councils, the Order provides a formal and structured framework for these gatherings and becomes part of an immense movement of international brotherhood.

BEING humble herOS TO OUR neighbors

“What is a hero? He’s a man of special occasions. What is a saint? Any person, when he is filled with God on all occasions—big and small. A saint measures his sometimes very humble life against the infinity of God. Heroism towards one’s neighbor is precisely what holiness is. And this holiness is what leads to heroism, when necessary. By being great in small things, we will one day be great in great things, if History so decides.”
Martin Steffens – Nouvel âge des Pères [New Age of Fathers]

“into the breach” pastoral letter

In September 2015, the Bishop of Phoenix, Arizona, Monsignor Olmsted, decided to write a pastoral letter to the men in his diocese.

Knowing that men today face many temptations and struggle to "find their way," Bishop Olmsted wrote a powerful call to action for Catholic men, urging them find their true calling. With the help of fellow clergy (priests and nuns) and several laypeople (a mother, professor of psychology, sports coach and an army officer); he delivered a message of hope and strength to today’s men.

Soon after, a group of men in France read the letter and were so moved by it that they decided to translate it and disseminate it in a targeted, individual way through the production of an illustrated booklet.

To date, the “Into the Breach” booklet has been distributed to nearly 3,000 people in France during men's marches and family pilgrimages and through priests and seminarians.

Bishop Olmsted has personally blessed the plans to expand the Knights of Columbus in France.