four principles

Quatre principes

Knights of Columbus are guided by four principles: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.


This theological virtue is the core of all Knights of Columbus activities. Charitable actions help us grow in faith and selflessly give more of ourselves. Charity is based on relationships and communion with our neighbors. It evangelizes on its own.


None of us is as good as all of us. Alone, we can go fast, but together, we can go far. Knights of Columbus serve the Church, banding together in their parishes and using their diverse and complementarity talents to promote a spirit of harmony and unity within the Church.


We are brothers because we are sons of the same Father, sharing the same land. Knights of Columbus act like brothers when they gather to share times of prayer and fellowship. On the material and spiritual level, they care for and about each other in the fraternal sharing of their vulnerabilities.


Knights of Columbus are patriotic citizens, conscious of their civic duties. They love, defend and serve their country because they are proud of its heritage and spiritual calling. Whether in public or private, Knights work to serve the common good through their civic, cultural and political activities.