the challenge of masculinity

The challenge of masculinity

Modern man has lost his way. In a Western world where gender tensions are increasing, a healthy rediscovery of masculinity and its virtues is important.

Through our humble commitments at the family, professional, community and spiritual levels, we strive to focus our work around the issues of fatherhood, masculinity and virility.

Fatherhood concerns us all. Fatherhood is more than a matter of mere biological inheritance. It encompasses the human capacity to guide, encourage and bless. Fatherhood is instructive because it "leads out.” It is not seductive, seeking to pull others in.

Masculinity refers to our biological identity as men. Men aspire to do great things—to build, explore, pass on their knowledge and values, take risks and above all, to protect. A woman’s greatest need is to feel safe and to have someone who will listen. A man who is mature in his masculinity is a man whose relationships are based on cooperation, not predation.  

Virility is the ability to channel and direct the force that pulses through man for the purposes of good. A virile man is someone who uses his strength to perform small acts of self-sacrifice and charity. He embraces challenge for the greater good, overcoming his fears, idleness and temptations. Altruistic service and self-sacrifice are “virile” deeds par excellence.

Whatever their status in life (layperson, priest, father, or bachelor), men are called to be men of substance, finding meaning in: a sense of commitment to using their strength and courage in ways that are neither brutal nor rough and a sense of inwardness and stillness versus noisy activism.

It is time for men to rediscover great and lifelong fraternal friendships. They need a space where social codes and status are forgotten and they can share their doubts and problems freely and without judgement.

It is time to form “bands of brothers” who can pool their talents to develop new projects and support each other in their struggles through deeds and prayer.