Serving parishes

Serving parishes


Parish councils are teams of men who gather in their home churches to serve the priests and their parish community. Action at the local level is vital. Through it, we strengthen our ties to our parishes and find solidarity with our neighbors in the spirit of unity.

This close community connection is the key to being hospitable and welcoming to all, resisting the temptation to be cliquish or exclusive.

Council membership is comprised of parishioners, and to a lesser extent, it may also include other devout Catholic men seeking to join the Knights of Columbus in the hopes of forming their own council someday.


THE five priorities of OUR parish projects

In serving the parish, Knights of Columbus undertake projects structured around five priorities.
Members simply commit to developing these projects, which should be neither too extensive nor too insignificant.
They may mobilize to create new projects or to continue implementing existing ones.

Spiritual life

Knights attend Sunday Mass, arriving on time, and encourage each other to go to monthly confession.

Examples of spiritual activities that the council may share include: pilgrimages, evening worship, reciting the rosary, Holy Hour, lectio divina, retreats, prayer chains, council mass, and spiritual mentoring.

Every morning, around 7 am, the French Knights pray for each other through a prayer to St. Joseph.

Material support

In the image of St. Joseph the craftsman, Knights band together to help with manual tasks that anyone can do: cleaning, sweeping, tidying up, odd jobs, guarding and security services, moving assistance, and other miscellaneous jobs. These services may be rendered to the church, to parishioners or any person in need. When we roll up our sleeves and toil together, setting aside social norms and status, we pave the way for fraternity.


Charity is the first principle. Knights are committed to using their time, talents and material or financial resources to help people in need.

Charitable actions may be implemented through existing parish programs and can include activities such as sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick or elderly, assisting pregnant women, providing housing or employment assistance, and teaching literacy skills.


Transmission of the faith is essential. Although faith is a gift from God, we have all been nurtured along the way by great spiritual figures who have led us to Christ. Therefore we must reinvest in the education of our youth.

Youth programs led by the Knights may include activities such as: conducting alter server training, chaperoning pilgrimages, supporting vocational discernment, running camps and retreats, offering first aid training, and sponsoring cultural, recreational or sports activities.


Evangelization requires enthusiasm, so it is important to have opportunities to enjoy fellowship at our monthly meetings and beyond.

Fellowship activities may include restaurant outings, sports or cultural events, the annual priest appreciation banquet, spring or summer cocktail parties, or family banquets. These fun and enjoyable events are also opportunities to invite others to join us.