When Knights of Columbus are husbands and fathers, their first commitment is to their family, which is a "domestic church." Transcending the need to prove themselves manly or macho, they seek instead to cherish and serve their wives.

In contrast to André Gibe’s description of family as a “closed hearth with closed doors,” families are lively and welcoming places at the forefront of the mission.

Our first responsibility as Catholic men is to help share the gift of faith with our children and spouses.

The Knights of Columbus promotes activities designed to strengthen marriages and families by providing assistance and support to families in times of division or strife.

the domestic church

Fathers play a key role in transmitting the faith to their children. They also have a duty to protect their families and provide for their emotional and material needs.

The limited time we devote to Knights of Columbus activities should provide respite, reenergizing us to go back and serve our families.

This commitment should not come before family priorities.

Our families should be proud of our volunteer service, which helps strengthen the family unit.