establishing a council

10 steps to establishing a council

1. Meet with us and gather information: leaflets, magazines, questions, etc.
2. Identify 3 parish friends who like adventure.
3. Discuss the idea with your parish priest (who is already aware of the need).
4. Identify 6 more guys in the church!
5. Discuss your plans with your spouses because you'll need their support!
6. Meet and choose the name of a patron saint for the council!
7. Share a meal and time of prayer together.
8. Identify some concrete activities and start implementing them!
9. Inform the bishop of the diocese.
10. We plan a festive initiation ceremony! Bravo!

all ages

A unique feature of the council is that it unites men of all ages—from 18 to 90. The rules are simple. We address each other informally like brothers because we are sons of the same Father. Everyone has the same status. Discussions are intended to be open and provide a forum for sharing experiences, requesting assistance, and praying intentionally.

all walks of life

All walks of life are represented in the council. Bachelors, married men, and men who are separated all come together with their council chaplain. Looking past their differences, they are united by a shared identity as simple pilgrims and men above all else, joined in their diverse and and unique callings, sharing their pain and their joy.

ALL countries

Membership in a national and international family is truly inspirational. Looking beyond our local problems, we broaden our horizons. A Parisian meets a person from Marseilles; a Breton prays with a Norman. As we become aware of projects in the Philippines, issues in Canada, or challenges in Poland, we see the universality of Catholicism at work in countries other than our own.