The Church grows through witness, not by proselytism. The witness that can really attract is that associated with attitudes which are uncommon: generosity, detachment, sacrifice, self-forgetfulness in order to care for others. This is the witness, the ‘martyrdom’ of religious life. It sounds an alarm for people. Through the witness of their lives, members of religious orders should make people ask themselves, ‘What is happening? These people are telling me something. They have transcended a worldly view.’ The Church must be attractive. Wake up the world! Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, of acting, of living! It is possible to live differently in this world.”

Pope Francis, November 29, 2014



Because they love the Church and wish to serve it. 

Because they know that united with other men, they are more equipped and better grounded to fully embrace their masculinity, to serve their families, to face their struggles, to support their priests, and to devote themselves to missionary discipleship. 

By simply and freely joining the Knights of Columbus international family, men choose to follow the ideals of knighthood, striving to live by the spirit of service that enables every man, united with his brothers, to place his strength and character in the service of the charity that evangelizes. 


“Je ne suis que l’instrument de la Providence, appelé
et choisi par elle pour accomplir un grand dessein.
L’outil doit se briser à l’oeuvre. Et tant que l’esprit
peut, le corps doit vouloir.”

Christophe Colomb